Good day everyone.  It is such a beautiful fall day here in L.A.(lower Alabama) and it really feels like a great time to start planning for our trip to Tucson for the FMCA Convention.  This has been a year and a half of some of the craziest happenings in as long as I can remember, with the COVID problems and now fuel prices rising.  When are we going to be able to enjoy our coaches?  I have come to the conclusion that if we wait for everything to be perfect, we will never leave the driveway!  I hope everyone will be able to get out and go and I hope that 2022 will be a better year than this 2021.

Those of you that might be coming from the East or the Midwest might be interested to know that we will be doing a rolling rally down I-10 all the way to Tucson.  This was planned for 2019 but since the convention was cancelled we never did it.  I have resurrected the trip and still have to confirm with the parks but the starting place will be in New Orleans on March 11th and we will spend two days there, then slowly working our way to Tucson ending up at the Voyager Resort on the 18th.  I will have more details later in the month as I get things confirmed with the parks.  Anyone interested in joining along the way is more than welcome.  I will tell you where the stops will be and you will have to make your own reservations at the different parks.  Each travel day is less than 300 miles so it is not stressful.  We will meet in the evening and have a social and then leave the next day on your own and meet up again the next evening, no caravans.  You travel at your own rate.  Please contact me if you are interested in more info and I will send you the information, when complete, via email.  The Pre-rally will start with a staging rally (optional) for two days, 18th – 20th, at the Voyager, coinciding with the end of the rolling rally.  We then move to the fairgrounds on the 20th to the 23rd.  When the Convention starts, you will not have to move your coach, but stay in your same spot for the rest of the convention.

The rally in Gillette was very successful and everyone had a great time.  Chris and Charlsanne Miskell sent an attachment of all the activities with pictures of the fun that was had by all.  I regret not being able to be there and thank Chris and Bob Carani for taking over and making this a successful rally.

On a last and sorrowful note we have lost a number of members this year to a number of causes and we miss them terribly, so please be careful and pray for those that have passed and for all of those who are still here and not able to travel with us.

Don’t forget we are having an election in Tucson, details are in Chris the VP’s report, listed below as the recap from our July event….

Best regards and travel safe,

Jim Graham, President of ACC