We invite you to join us by clicking on the link to the Membership page, then follow the directions to register and join online. If you are not a member of the FMCA you may do the same by going to www.fmca.com.

Enjoy your visit to our website ! and…. check out the photo (bottom of the page) – 2018 was our 25th FMCA chapter anniversary – join us for more fun to come. 

We hold rallies at least once per year just before the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) International Convention(s), usually in the summer. At our rallies we have a lot of fun visiting with old friends and making new friends with lots of dinners, lunches and golf tournaments. The American Coach service team typically attends our rallies and provides technical service and support. Labor is a free service to our rally members as a way to show their appreciation.

We are the Only American Coach Chapter of FMCA and we provide to our members camaraderie with other American Coach owners who are in our Chapter Club. Our primary goals are to foster good relations with the American Coach, which is a division of Fleetwood RV. We build good relation between its management, their technicians and you the Coach owners.

To be a member of our Chapter you must be an owner or part owner of an American Coach product which is the American Heritage, the American Revolution and Revolution, the American Eagle, the American Dream, the American Tradition, the American Allegiance and the Fleetwood Limited and be a member of FMCA.

Rally Fun on the Way!

FMCA’s 104th International Convention and RV Expo will be held in Tucson, AZ March 23rd to 26th – our pre-rally will be March 20th through 23rd… online registration is on this site- under the “Rallies!” menu tab….

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Please note:

The club will be holding an election of officers at the Tucson Rally in March of 2022 – if you have any interest in serving as on officer of ACC, please contact Jim Graham, our president

Here’s some exciting news that may just put you over the top and get you to register for our pre-rally to the FMCA 104th International Convention and RV Exo in Tucson, AZ –
We know it’s a long way, so we’ve organized a rolling rally so that all of our friends from the east can gather together and enjoy the trip.  I’ve posted the complete itinerary at this link:  download

Hope to see you there…..

Jim Graham, president

October 2021 Newsletter

ACC NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 26, 2021 Good day everyone.  It is such a beautiful fall day here in L.A.(lower Alabama) and it really feels like a great time to start planning for our trip to Tucson for the FMCA Convention.  This has been a year and a half of some of the...