Newsletter:  104th International Convention

The American Coach Chapter had another successful rally at the 104th FMCA International Convention.  The pre-rally was split into a Staging Rally held at the Voyagers RV Resort from March 18th-20th, then the pre-rally at the Pima County Fairgrounds.  David and Denise Hillemann knocked it out of the park with the menu and cooking.

Once we moved to the Fairgrounds, the parking situation didn’t go as well as we had hoped, but we were able to get four coaches together and set up a central gathering place.  The winds and rains tested our tie-down skills, but the tents managed to survive the entire week. 

Our business meeting was held after breakfast on Tuesday morning, where we held officer elections for the 2022-2024 term.  The following candidates were elected:
President: Chris Miskell
Vice-President: David Hillemann
Secretary: Shirley Talley
Treasurer/Membership: Richard Blade
National Director: Charlsanne Miskell
Alt National Director: Bob Carani
Western Region Director: Denise Hillemann
Eastern Region Director: Larry Hornsby

We are still looking for a Central Region Director.  Until then, Denise and Charlsanne will take care of the Lincoln Rally.

We want to thank the previous officers for all of their dedication to the ACC.

Tuesday afternoon, we set up a table during the chapter fair, and although we had great conversations, we did not sign up any new members during the event.  Wednesday evening was Steak Night sponsored by RV World of Yuma, and once again, the Hillemanns cooked a great dinner. 

Thursday night was block party night sponsored by Blue Ox.  Meatball sliders were served to everyone who attended, and it was great having all of the National Officers stop in to say hi.

Friday was a relaxing evening, and we enjoyed the company of the Rev Rally Service Team.  Rick and his crew once again gave exceptional support to the Rev owners, and we really appreciate all of their work.

We had a great time with everyone, and although we have some big shoes to fill, the new board is excited about the future.  Registration for the 105th FMCA International Convention is open, and our pre-rally registration will be opening soon.  If you plan to attend Lincoln, please register for 50amp electric to be parked together.  There are no full hookup sites, but we should have water.

Your new board:
President Chris Miskell was the past Vice President taking over after the passing of Bruno Borin.  Chris is a 737 Captain for Delta Air Lines.  He and Charlsanne have been involved with the ACC and ACA since purchasing their 2014 Revolution in June of 2019. 

Vice-President David Hillemann has been a long-time American Coach owner and was a first-timer last summer in Gillette.  During the Gillette Rally, he said he would step into the VP role to help guide the ACC’s future.  He and his wife Denise full time in their 2019 American Eagle.

Secretary Shirley Talley was also a first-timer in Gillette and recently joined the ACC.  Shirley and Chip Gibbs split time between Albuquerque and Georgia in their 2017 Revolution.  They didn’t know about rallies or the ACC until they attended a Revolution 42ers and friends rally in April of 2021.  They have attended many rallies since, and she will be a great addition to the group.

Treasurer/membership chair Richard Blade was also a first-timer and new member of the ACA.  Richard and his wife Megan are small business owners from Vancouver, Washington and brought the average age of the group way down.  We are excited to have them on the board, and look forward to their energy.

National Director Charlsanne Miskell will be our voice on the governing board.  She is the national chairwoman of the FMCA Family and Youth Committee and is charged with organizing family activities at the International Conventions.  She is also the owner of Roving M’s LLC., the supplier of the ACC name badges, swingers, ladder plaques, license plate frames, and other American Coach items.  She and Chris do receive income from the ACC for badges and swingers.  Although they receive compensation, they supply the name tags for half of the price of the previous supplier.

Alt National Director Bob Carani is a long time fixture in the ACC.  He and his wife Kathy split time between Chicago and Florida.  Bob has served in many positions within FMCA, ACC, and ACA.  We appreciate him sticking around to assist the group.

Western Region Director Denise Hillemann was a superstar in Gillette and was quickly recruited to run the Western Region.  As a first-timer in Gillette, she stepped right in to help facilitate the meals and immediately started planning the Tucson event.  Her experience in food service and her job as a travel agent are a great asset to the chapter.

Eastern Region Director Larry Hornsby is a long-time ACC member.  He and his wife Mary Ellen have been barnstorming the country in their 2008 Eagle for many years.  He also serves as the Eastern Region Director of the Fleetwood Motorhome Association.  Larry will be in charge of the ACC 30th anniversary celebration in Perry, Georgia in March of 2023.