We’re planning a pre-rally in Gillette, WY

The details are not totally worked out but the venue has been determined to be the Cam-Plex facility, exactly where the FMCA Convention will be held.  The Pre-Rally will be from the 3rd of July to the 10th of July ending when the FMCA rally ends.  OK, the best part is, NO-FEE RALLYREALLY!

The Really best part is REV will be there with a full contingent of service people just to service your coach and the labor is …wait for it..FREE and parts are at cost.  There will be a link on our registration site for you to sign up for service with REV so they will be able to have the correct parts and pieces to do your repairs, so make sure you sign up asap.

Really, just sign up on the ACC-FMCA.com website Rally Calendar | ACC-FMCA | The American Coach Chapter of FMCA (acc-fmca.com) and register with FMCA for the rally either by mail or(Best way) on the web-site Gillette 2021 – FMCA Convention | FMCA.  Make sure you register for the rally with Full Hook-ups either 30A or 50A to be eligible for the extra days and to be able to park together. A note from FMCA event manager is “50A sites are going very fast and may or may not be available”!  No worries about the dates when you register with FMCA we will let them know and you will be given an early entry pass for the rally either with your registration documents or in a separate mailing.

If anyone has any questions please call me Jim @ 251-623-4321.  We did this before and it was a great success.  You get FHU’s all the way through the pre-rally and the convention for the cost of the convention!!!

As you probably all know our President Ray, and our Vice President Bruno, are both in the hospital and fighting for their lives as we are trying to help them on their way so please pray for them that they will both be back leading us to bigger and greater rallies…  More to come as details are worked out,   Stay Tuned!

Safe Travels, Jim