2022 FMCA/ACC Pre-Rally - Tucson, AZ

This is the manual.... "Snail Mail" - registration form

Please note: the form below is the "fill out and mail" version"

American Coach Chapter (ACC) Pre-Rally
Prior to the FMCA’s 104th International Convention  

ACC Pre- Rally March 20th – 23rd, 2022

Please read the instructions below carefully:

We are having a pre-rally at Tucson – as well as a Staging Rally for two days prior to the pre-rally.  The Staging Rally is the last stop for the traveling group of members coming from the East coast.  It  will be held in Tucson from March 18th to March 20th – and on the 20th we will move to the fairgrounds.

A little extra explanation here – when you register for the FMCA Tucson Convention rally – depending on your choice of parking – the cost of 4 days at the fairgrounds is either at no charge, or must be included with your FMCA registration.  Here is another thought – Buddy Coaches are allowed as long as they have an ACC sponsor, and are an existing FMCA member.

The Staging Rally will be held at the Voyager Resort in Tucson.  The cost of this additional event is $120 and includes two nights camping at the resort, prior to our move to the fairgrounds.  If you choose not to attend, yet still attend the Pre-Rally, you will need to make your own arrangements to meet up with the caravan going into the fairgrounds.

So, as you move from these notes to the payment form – if you choose to attend the Staging Rally – check the box for the $120 fee – the additional $75 is for group food at the ACC pre-rally.

You must be registered with FMCA to attend the Tucson Convention – and be able to stay on the fairgrounds property for the 4 days.

Please download this form – complete and mail with your check -address is at the bottom of the form