2021 Perry, GA ACC Pre-Rally Service Information

Fair Harbor RV Park - March 5-8 - Perry, GA

These notes are from Jim and Doty Graham…

Perry Pre-Rally Motor Home Service –

The REV group has just notified us that attendees at the ACC-FMCA pre-rally should register ahead for service at the link below if you need something done.  You must be registered for the pre-rally to obtain service- and have pre-registered at REV Group’s website to have service performed –

Rally Service Link

If you are currently signed up to attend, and need service, make sure to register with REV, so that if they need parts for your rig, there is time to obtain them.

Aqua-Hot Service

We are excited to let you know that Lloyd De Gerald, the Aqua-Hot master technician – is planning on coming to Perry and will be available for any Aqua-Hot service you may need. If you need a tune up, service or have any issues – schedule in advance with Jenn at 501-722-2020.

With questions, or if you need more information regarding this rally, please call or email us….

Jim Graham – (251) 623-4321 – jgraham179@mchsi.com

Doty Graham – (251) 767-976 – dotygraham@gmail.com

Thanks to everyone. Let’s make this a fun rally!