ACC Gillette Pre-Rally Registration information – July 14 – 18  –
Followed by the FMCA’s 98th International Convention – July 18-21

Doty & Jim Graham are working on our pre-rally agenda, but it is time critical to get this information to you.  We will be having our pre-rally at the same site as the FMCA convention and the 50A Full Hook up sites are going fast!

It’s never been easier to register for an American Coach Chapter Pre-Rally, here are the directions:

* With credit card nearby, call the FMCA at 800-543-3522 or 513-474-3622.  Tell them you want to register for FMCA’s 98th International Convention at Gillette, WY from July 18-21, 2018.  The rally fee will be $225, $205 if before May 23.

* Inform the person taking care of your registration that you are with the American Coach Association and to park with the group and you need to park in 50A full hook up ($265 additional) or 30A full hook up ($215 additional).  Tell them we will be arriving on July 14th.  Note: This price includes the pre-rally and FMCA convention.

* We will be on the same sites through the pre-rally and the FMCA convention.  If the person you are talking to does not understand, ask them to contact Doug Uhlenbrock.

* Once you register with FMCA, please let our Central Director, Doty Graham know!  She needs to keep up, her email address is  Please include your selection (50A or 30A) and your date of arrival (hopefully July 14).

* We will be receiving credentials that allow us to enter the Cam-Plex on July 14.

* If you have questions, please email Doty!

* Looking forward to seeing you in Gillette!